Large Group

How to Use the Large Group “Movie Night” Downloadable Studies



The concept behind the large group study revolves around more of an outreach event to be held once a month as a supplement to weekly clubs. This event may draw other kinds of kids than normally come to weekly events, and it is designed to get conversation going around a specified theme. You could call it “Reel Conversations.” 
We have selected movies that may have multiple themes within the stories, but we have selected certain themes to focus on that support the sub topic and promote discussion. Think of it as giving kids some 3D glasses to watch the movie through as you suggest a theme for them to look for. Many teens will have already seen some of the flicks, but with a specific orientation, they may encounter it on a whole other level, AND they get a chance to talk about it as well.
CAUTION: there will occasionally be an R rated movie included in the large group studies. You can handle this a couple different ways; don’t use it, advertise it so everyone knows, only let 17 year olds and older participate, substitute another movie that you think will work and use the format whatever way you’d like.
Your role is to use this resource however you would like. Make popcorn and offer drinks, invite some parents or a chaplain, be creative. The point is to start the conversation and end the evening with a summary statement from God’s word on the topic/theme being discussed. Have FUN!

How to use


Sub Topic Theme

Simply stated sub Topic; what the night’s about

Lesson Objective

The point you will try to make involving what God says about the topic; the one truth to leave with kids.

Intro to the Movie

This will be a general intro to the movie about to be played and an opportunity to introduce the theme. This is where you give kids the figurative 3D glasses that you want them to look through; where you orient them to the film. Then you watch the movie together.

Discussion Group Questions: 

Depending on the size of your group, you can break down (where they are) into discussion groups of 3 or 4 people. Hand out a small sheet of paper with the discussion questions on them. These questions will attempt to start more generally and move toward the specific objective. 
Don’t worry about kids giving the ‘right’ answers at this point; let them discuss! 

Group Input

After 10 or 15 minutes (you be the judge based on where they are in the discussion. You’ll want to make sure they get to the more specific objective question), call them back together as a large group. Now is the time to get feedback from the big group as to some of the things answered in the small group. 
CRITICAL: It’s at this time in the large group setting that you point out truths that they have discovered, use follow-up questions to get to further understanding, direct them towards the evenings objective as you acknowledge their observations.

Bullet Objective

This is like a mini-club talk. It’s where you provide a basic summary of the primary themes for the evening and introduce a scripture passage that drives home the main point of God’s truth on the theme. Thematically, this is what the evening has been all about; bringing them to the point of hearing the truth from God’s word.
This bullet objective should take about 5-7 minutes total, leaving them with the last thought.


The one-minute challenge should attempt to leverage the motivation, or as some might say, help them “buy the why!” Provide a powerful challenge focused on how to demonstrate that truth in everyday life. Then pray for God’s purpose and power to put it into action and transform lives!
For more on the theme for the evening, you can direct them to the online personal journey about that sub topic where there are many more opportunities to interact with scripture, stories and explore activities. Perhaps you can have leaders hand these out on a slip of paper or set them by the door as kids leave.