Finding Help Near Me


Sometimes life can knock you over before you know what happened. Times like this can feel really unstable and you may be wondering “How can I find help?” It’s easy to feel  stunned by everything and not know where to turn, and I hope you know that you are never alone! Not only is God constantly watching over you and ready to help whenever you call, but he has set up a bunch of different ways for us to connect with other people on the same journey! Fellow believers can be an enormous help during unstable times and are actually essential to our life with Christ. So, want to know more about how to find help when life knocks you off your feet? Dig in here.



I must confess - I love my iPhone. I think it is just too cool that I can pull it out, ask Siri to “find food near me” and within two milliseconds there are 7 options with direction, menus, and contact info! It’s awesome!

I remember when I didn’t have a cell phone at all. I actually made it to college before I ever had my own cell phone (what we called the generation before Smart phones). Can you believe it!?! Do you know what made me slap down that first $100? Getting stranded in downtown West Philadelphia at 2 in the morning when my roommate’s car broke down and all the trains had stopped running. Neither of us had a cell and the world was in the phase where there were still phone booths around, but none of them were in service anymore. Good times!

After that terrifying 15-mile walk home that took almost 5 hours, I was ready to pay for that never to happen again! The safety offered by quick and reliable cell phone service was worth the money to me.

It’s funny how similar this is to our faith. We often think we are doing just fine until something comes along and knocks us on our butt! That’s when we look around and realize how lost we really are and how dangerous things are quickly becoming.

The good news? Jesus planned ahead! He gave us exactly what we need to handle whatever instability life brings – the Holy Spirit. This is the third part of the trinity that makes up God (three-in-one; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) and an essential part of our daily walk with the Lord. Now, the trinity is a difficult concept for even theologians to grasp, and I don’t want it to throw you off as you go through this material.

What you need to know is this: There is only one God. He is made up of three different parts, the father, son, and holy spirit. Each have their roles and together they make one complete God.

That’s the basics. I know it’s a little confusing, but I honestly think we aren’t meant to understand it completely because it exists within a context we can’t even grasp. In spite of all that mystery, the Bible is very clear about the existence and role of the Holy Spirit. It is God with us, and we have been given the Holy Spirit to help us know God and communicate his message to the whole world.  Like right now, the Holy Spirit is helping me know what to write and what to omit – guiding me as I listen.

Bible intro

This passage is just one of many that details the role the Holy Spirit plays in our lives. It’s pretty clear that when things get rough, God’s Spirit is ready to help out! It is through the Holy Spirit’s presence in us that we can connect and know Father God and Jesus Christ. Jesus assures us with these words.

Personal Questions
1. Have you ever spent time studying about the Holy Spirit?
2. Do you understand so far what role the Spirit plays in your life?
3. Can you think of a time when you experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life? Maybe it’s something you just now realized!
4. Do you believe that God exists as 3-in-1 and the Holy Spirit has been sent down to live among us? Why or why not?
5. Why do you think we should treat our bodies like temples for the Spirit?
6. What does this tell you about God/the Holy Spirit’s concern with things in the physical world?

Dear God, I’m not even sure what to call you right now. This three in one thing is kind of maxing out my brain. I just want you to know that I am trying. I believe in you and the truth that you offer and I am just trying to wrap my brain around it all. Are you there to help me? Is that what the Spirit is for? Just teach me and guide me through all this, please, God. I want to have stability in my life and I believe that the Holy Spirit is a huge part of that. Please help. I love you. Amen!


If the trinity has you intrigued and you want to find out more about the Holy Spirit, this is a great resource to start you on your exploration! Just remember to compare everything you learn with Scripture and include more mature Christians like your parents, leader, or chaplain in your learning process.
Military chapels service both the Protestant and Roman Catholic congregations on any given Sunday morning. Did you know that both of these groups hold to the convictions of the Apostles' Creed. Notice what it says about the trinity and specifically the Holy Spirit.
Apostles' Creed
I believe in God,
the Father almighty,  

creator of heaven and earth. 
I believe in Jesus Christ,
God's only Son, our Lord,  

who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,  

born of the Virgin Mary,  

suffered under Pontius Pilate,  

was crucified, died, and was buried;  

he descended to the dead.  

On the third day he rose again;  

he ascended into heaven,  

he is seated at the right hand of the Father,  

and he will come again to judge the living and the dead. 
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic church,  

the communion of saints,  

the forgiveness of sins,  

the resurrection of the body,  

and the life everlasting.


Test out your knowledge of the Holy Spirit in the Bible! Don’t worry; if you get some wrong  they give you the Bible reference so you can read up on it!

Finding Help Near Me - 1

Finding Help Near Me - 2

Finding Help Near Me - 3

Finding Help Near Me - 4

Finding Help Near Me - 5


Romans 8:9-11 - Notice how the Spirit brings change and safety to us in all circumstances.

Acts 2:1-4 - This is the first time the Holy Spirit shows up – and God immediately starts making things crazy awesome!

1 John 2:20-25 - Here is another description of the Spirit and it’s role in our lives. Consider how important the Holy Spirit is to maintaining stability in our lives.

1 Corinthians 6:18-20 - Having the Holy Spirit inside of you is a huge deal! We need to continually commit ourselves to follow the Lord.

Philippians 2:1 - See all the ways the Spirit helps you!

John 3:5-8 - The ultimate way the Holy Spirit saves us!


Check out this video of By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North with lyrics. Use it as a moment to reflect on everything that God offers us and the reasons you continue to reject what he offers and cling to the ways of this world.

Life Questions
1. Look at the Supporting Scripture section and choose one to memorize this week. Put it by your bed, fridge, locker, or somewhere you will see it multiple times a day. Tell a family member or close friend why you chose that verse and what you need to understand about Jesus Christ’s presence in your life.
2. Spend some time meditating on who you understand the Holy Spirit to be in your life. Don’t worry about being right or wrong or having a logical opinion; just think about how you honestly see God present in your daily life. Now write, draw, sing, dance, or paint a representation of your understanding of the Holy Spirit. Performance arts are great but I would encourage you to create something tangible for you to hold on to and look back on once you have grown and learned more!
3. Try writing “Holy Spirit” in ink on the palm of your hand and see how many times in a day you think about it and how many times someone else asks you about it. Yeah, it’s bold, but give it a try.

Rewrite Psalm 46 in a journal or notebook. You can use your own words or emphasize the parts that you think are important. You can even try drawing, rhyming, or writing some words creatively (like making the word “look” have eyes or the word fool have a jester’s hat) Just spend time meditating on all of God’s promises to be there when life gets unstable. His Holy Spirit is how God shows up for us when we call out to him for help.

Psalm 46

God Is with Us

God is our shelter and strength,

    always ready to help in times of trouble.

So we will not be afraid, even if the earth is shaken

    and mountains fall into the ocean depths;

even if the seas roar and rage,

    and the hills are shaken by the violence.

There is a river that brings joy to the city of God,

    to the sacred house of the Most High.

God is in that city, and it will never be destroyed;

    at early dawn he will come to its aid.

Nations are terrified, kingdoms are shaken;

    God thunders, and the earth dissolves.

The LORD Almighty is with us;

    the God of Jacob is our refuge.

Come and see what the LORD has done.

    See what amazing things he has done on earth.

He stops wars all over the world;

    he breaks bows, destroys spears,

    and sets shields on fire.

“Stop fighting,” he says, “and know that I am God,

    supreme among the nations,

    supreme over the world.”

 The LORD Almighty is with us;

    the God of Jacob is our refuge.


This is a short but hilarious clip of Seth Green yelling with excitement in The Italian Job and the crediting the Holy Spirit for his joyful outburst. Enjoy!