Good Friends


What does a good friend look like? God has some excellent advice for us as we seek to make and be good friends. Find out more here.


Hermione Granger – female friend in Harry Potter Hermione Granger is the daughter of two normal humans and yet was born with the gift of magical abilities. Her work ethic is impeccable and she is adamant about not wasting the opportunity that Hogwarts has provided her. Because of her determination to see her personal goals through, she has very little tolerance for Harry Potter's ideas. Throughout their time at school Harry found himself at odds with Lord Voldemort and needed his friends Ron and Hermione to help him solve his problems. Often the solutions to his problems involved breaking the school rules -- things like sneaking out after curfew, breaking into a professors office, trespassing in forbidden wings of the castle, and much more. Hermione disapproves of Harry and Ron's plans to disobey the teachers and school rules. She believes that they should work within the system and trust those in authority. Time and again Hermione will slam her book shut, rapidly tell the two boys that they are being irresponsible idiots, and storm off to study alone in the Library. These fits of intolerance constantly frustrate Ron, but it forces Harry to reevaluate his plan of action, and, more often than not, he changes something to try and make it less risky. The ability to hold to her beliefs and insist on responsible planning makes Hermione shine as an example of a good friend. Her integrity matches her loyalty. She risks losing her friends by refusing to help them but as a result influences them to be better people. Hermione, in many ways, leads a life of example. She believes in herself, works diligently to attain her dreams, holds to her word, exhibits loyalty and empathy, calls her friends to accountability and always forgives. Now that’s a good friend!

Bible intro

Lots of people have heard the story of David and Goliath. It’s usually used as an inspirational, classic underdog story because of the little kid (David) meeting the big giant (Goliath) and bringing him to his knees (literally) with a slingshot and a few stones. What happens right after this event is not known to most people, but it’s the focus of our look into ‘good friends’ because it is where David and Jonathan meet (Jonathan is King Saul’s son, and David has just been a shepherd boy – but has been tapped to be the next king!) Check out this story of friendship from 1 Samuel as they chronicle what a good friend looks like. It’s a bit long, but has all the drama of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

Personal Questions
1. After reading through these different Bible stories and sayings about good friends, what are some qualities or actions that jump out to you when it comes to identifying what a good friend looks like?
2. How do you think being a military brat and moving around a lot affects any of those character qualities or actions?

Dear Jesus, you have given us many examples of true friendships, and you were the best example of a true friend. Making really good friends on a military base can be hard. Help me first to develop character qualities of a good friend and then to put into action things like truthfulness and standing up for my friends. And I ask that you bring good friends into my life as I move and they move so often. Let me figure out who to invest in by using these qualities of a good friend as my guide. Amen.


Check out the geographical location of Daniel and his three friends (Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah) in the story. Later, Daniel is thrown into the lion’s den, but survives the night because God closes the mouths of the lions. His friends did a lot of praying for him, too! View the map. What present-day country did this take place in? Does that surprise you?\


Take this “Good Friend” quiz to see if you are a good friend. How do you think the qualities of a good friend in this quiz match up with what the Bible has to say about good friends?

Check out these Six Friendship Rules to Live By. How many of these come from God’s Word? Does it surprise you that the Bible contains this kind of good advice on friendship?



Write a short story (2-3 paragraphs) of something a good friend did that shows how good a friend they are to you and post it to our Facebook page.

A Good Friend 1

A Good Friend 2

A Good Friend 3

A Good Friend 4

A Good Friend 5


Proverbs 24:26 – Good friends tell you the truth

Daniel 2:14-19 – Good friends listen to you and pray for you

Proverbs 12:26 – Good friends provide guidance

John 15:13 – Good friends are willing to sacrifice for you

Job 42:7-11 – Good friends pray for you, comfort you and support your needs

Luke 7:1-10 – Good friends speak on your behalf

Luke 4:40 – Good friends take care of you


Watch the short “Favorite Person” video.

What questions does this bring to mind for you? Does this video make you feel sad or happy or something else, and why? You might try this survey at your DoD school, the commissary or the youth center and see what you discover? 

Life Questions
1. Write down a list of ways are you trying to build ‘good friend’ qualities into your own life? Describe what that looks like for you.
2. If you know that Proverbs says that a good friend gives an honest answer, what situation and which friend comes to mind that you need to call, see, or text and give them an honest answer about that situation? Stop now and do it! Explain that you you’re being honest because you want to be a true friend.

Write a letter (yes, real pen and paper) to a good friend thanking them for their friendship. Express to them character qualities you see in them that scripture says are those of a good friend.